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bending biegen curvatura curvados


A partnership approach  tube bending

AGCM guarantees:

- An answer to your price inquiry within 24 hours.

- Drawing up of a feasibility study by our technicians and engineers.

- The most suitable “bending” response for your project.

- Respect of your specificities and restrictions at each step of production.


Bending capacity:

With us, you have access to the largest bending capacities in France for large, small or zero radius!


AGCM provides: Versatile teams able to solve your bending problems as well as the finishing of bent parts.


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AGCM, with almost 50 years experience, the European specialist in bending and roll bending.







Large, small and zero radius bending, tube bending, pipe forming, hot, cold bend techniques, largest bending capacity in France

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